Spotlight: Other iStories

Like you, we love classic stories that fire the imagination and spark the imagination.

Producing such stories for touchscreen devices like the iPad – we call them iStories – is our speciality at Persian Cat Press. 

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Persian Cat Press

Persian Cat Press is a modern and dynamic publishing company. We publish interactive books to the iPad and other touchscreen devices, specialising in picture books, graphic novels, other illustrated writing and immersive story experiences.

At Persian Cat Press we’re passionate about stories. We’ve never lost the childhood thrill of being utterly immersed in a fantastic read, the kind of tale you simply can’t put down, that you just have to finish, right there and then.

We’re still excited by well-crafted stories - and we believe the possibilities for storytelling on touchscreen devices such as the iPad are virtually endless.

We publish great writers, and wonderful illustrators. Our stories flow and resonate with craftsmanship, meaning and lyricism. And, because they’re created with touchscreen interactivity in mind from the outset, they touch the senses and fire the imagination in ways few traditional stories can match.

Filled with layer upon layer of meaning, our stories push the boundaries, engage the brain and enflame the heart. They’re beautiful. They’re clever. And they’re fun.

We call them iStories.

What is an iStory, anyway?

An iStory is an entirely new way of telling a tale on interactive touchscreen devices such as the iPad.

Our first title: The Gift

Once upon a tide, in a land that is not so far away as you might imagine, a young boy finds a baby girl washed up safe and sound on a tranquil shore....

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