The Gift

Written by Jos Carlyle, illustrated by Dan Mynard

Age 4+

Once upon a tide, in a land that is not so far away as you might imagine, a young boy finds a baby girl washed up safe and sound on a tranquil shore. He picks her up and takes her to see his friends, the wise and kindly Oomorels….

The Gift is a metaphorical tale that explores the things we provide for our children and the one thing they need most of all. It’s an original iStory, yet has a timeless, classic feel. It excites the senses with its magical sound and wonderful animation.

A wonderfully interactive picture book that is brought to life by your child’s touch, The Gift is the polar opposite of a passive entertainment experience. Children and adults alike quickly immerse themselves in the magical world of The Gift.

By interacting with objects within the story, and using a range of motions, your child soon becomes fully involved in the experience of reading and engaging with this interactive picture book. To encourage repeat read-throughs there are also new interactive points to find every time you pick it up.

This charming interactive picture book invites families to come on a magical journey and explore a lovingly crafted world that has been specifically designed for the iPad and iPhone.

The Gift is a classic tale in the finest traditions of children’s storytelling. Enhanced by narration, a truly heartwarming music score and immersive interaction, The Gift is just waiting to be experienced.

The Gift is available in the App Store and on iTunes now.

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