Spotlight: Encouraging ‘multi-literacy’

Our first picture book app The Gift is designed to engage with children in many different ways, from music and movement to words and pictures, using the full range of the iPad and iPhone’s capabilities.

However, we feel it’s crucial that the interactivity we include in our iStories moves the narrative along in a meaningful manner.

An app is a unique platform in that it allows publishers to create a product that involves not only traditional reading and visual literacy, but also a physical and aural literacy too. In this way, apps have the potential to not only talk to a child’s imagination but also directly to their senses.

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Spotlight: Other iStories

Like you, we love classic stories that fire the imagination and spark the imagination.

Producing such stories for touchscreen devices like the iPad – we call them iStories – is our speciality at Persian Cat Press. 

Other iStories apps are more about words than pictures compared to many other Persian Cat Press titles - although they are also about as far away from the static, flatscreen delights of ebooks as you can get. Instead, our Other iStories are all about words in motion.

We remain in awe of the power of words, be that prose, poetry or song. Other iStories harness the power of words to run alongside Persian Cat Press’s trademark interactivity, moving the story along without getting in the way of them being rattling good reads in the finest traditions of folk tales through the ages.    

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